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i don't think this is something i'd ever seek out on my own, but since i accidentally spilled the rest of my sample on myself...i'll just live inside this relaxed, spiced (and slightly cursed) scent, and hope i'll be able to say goodbye to this sweater soon. Top notes are Violet Leaf and Bergamot; middle notes are Black Tea, Cinnamon and Pimento; base notes are Tobacco Leaf, Myrrh, Musk and Olive Tree. It's great fragrance, I get tea with a hint of tobacco, a masterpiece but the longevity is a problem for me. Its a wallflower perfume. Spray on your sweater if you want it to last (and you should really be wearing a sweater with this one). The juxtaposition of these two elements make this wearable any season, any time. Definitely a masculine fragrance that says mature but not old. And to some, that might even make it boring, but not to me. ** Le paiement en 3 ou 4 fois est proposé selon les conditions d’éligibilité de Banque Casino, des frais de dossier s’appliquent.Un crédit vous engage et doit être remboursé : vérifiez vos capacités de remboursement avant de vous engager. They must smell it that close to recognize it. Perfumes: 62786 It's just sooooo good. The scent is otherwise very unique, yet won't offend anybody. The reason I'm choosing this as my second overall review on Fragrantica is because this EDT gets a lot of compliments. @Breau - As one who discovered GPH II only in the last 2-3 years, I think recency and stylistic trends might have something to do with people's varied reactions. I believe you can wear this any season (spring being the best of them) and any age group.This is a very unique scent (there is Him by Mori and there is Tea for Two by L'Artisan but the Gucci is the Swiss Army knife out of all of them!). But there's a buyer for anything rare. This is cuddles with wifey cologne not a head turner just a real sensual sexy calming serene kinda smell LOVE IT. So here's the deal. I get the advert totally! It really reminds me of what spicebomb, or at least what spicebomb should have been. When I first smelled it, it was just this amazing musky, cinnamon violet fragrance. Lasts long on my skin. I've had GPHII for the past four years and I really love this scent. A gorgeous woody tea scent that is very calming to the nose. The juxtaposition of cool and warm in this fragrance is what I find really interesting, cool citrus ice tea (without sugar) flavored with some cinnamon and spicy pepper?!? All the ones left in the mens line is not worth buying. Let me tell you a personal story. Gucci, l’art de la maroquinerie italienne. Vous allez être redirigé sur la page d’accueil du site Videdressing. (Violet Leaf). There is nothing intense or loud about this fragrance. You could literally spray this fragrances 10 times and wont ruin the smell. Thanks ArkangeL. Just got to put my nose on GPHII, I could immediately understand why people compare Hanae Mori HiM to this juice. I actually enjoy this one more. Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. The spicy nature of it from the cinnamon contrasts well with the tea to make a calming, comforting scent when it dries down; comforting/calming moreso than it is seductive although the fresh/spicy nature of it will still be alluring. I would just put 'like' if it were any other smell due to the longevity but...I don't plan on it. So it's a fact. I hated my bottle of Gucci Homme II until today. The dry down/base is almost like a totally different fragrance, it really goes from ultra light and addictively fresh to super sexy/rich/spicy! very relaxing. Montres Gucci d'occasion sur Gucci Pour Homme li is much more of a casual cologne than some of the company’s other scents. A synthesis of the house's heritage and commitment to luxury, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme is the signature fragrance for the modern male icon - sensual, elegant and masculine. I bought a bottle when it was first released and although it didn't have great performance even then it was at least decent. Such a calming scent. Of similar scents I value Him by Hanae Mori higher, but to the office I would wear GPH II. I mean you could spray 20x with this because the scent is not cloying or annoying in any way, but that doesn't really solve the projection/sillage issues because although for the first hour or so you may get noticed, it quickly fades to nothingness and you are left disappointed and wanting more... and suppose you are going to work or some other function and it takes you approximately an hour to get there, you would pretty much have to reapply more for anyone to notice that you are wearing this marvelous scent. I've bought this back in 2014. I’m sorry to all the Gucci fans, but this is just frustrating for me. The calming factor that this fragrance has cannot be described in words. Gucci Pour Homme 3.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray. Garantie d'authenticité This is terrific juice but why would I wanna spend twice the amount of bucks when I can get, essentially the same scent, and have it be even more powerful and stronger and with greater longevity as an EDP in Hanae Mori's HIM? BUY GUCCI POUR HOMME II HERE ... MY FAVORITE FRAGRANCES FOR EACH OCCASION: - Signature Scent: - Date Fragrance: Today I wore this juice and was absolutely amazed. Anyway, that's just the bottle, what about the juice?! It is a beautiful fragrance and the bottle will double as a paperweight when empty. She went through Sephora near my work and found this got a sample and we both really love this scent. Cette page n’est pas encore disponible sur le site mobile, mais pas de panique : vous pouvez gérer votre compte en toute simplicité depuis l’app ou le site classique ! gucci homme. Rester sur le site mobile. Works for almost any occasion; General Overview. While Gucci PHII can probably be wore in year round. Send an email to I've realized that I don't appreciate that sharp scent on me OR on men. La Maison italienne Gucci marie avec brio références historiques et opulence glam-rock. The hype is real but is it justified? Lightly green, ozonic, warm and spicy. I tried something different this go-round with 3 sprays to my shirt and 1 behind my neck around 8:00 a.m. and it's currently 4:30 and still going strong. Holy cow the prices skyrocketed on this one quick. I remember when i first bought this ( blind buy ) i was not a fan but now i wish i had another bottle of this lol.The black tea has grown on me.The dry down isn't that much different than the opening for me. The natural masculine chai tea smell is what I go for when I don’t want to smell like the average guy, when I’m studying in the library or at a coffee shop. Charming little spicy tea fragrance I picked up while I was buying some other frags, never thought I'd get to sniff this discontinued gem. Even if that’s exactly who you are. I just tried this again after 2 years and it looks like they fixed the longevity issue, GPHII is back. But the performance is terrible. In the modern world of men's fragrances, where loud and imbalanced synthetics seem to rule the day, GPH II is analogous to olfactory comfort food. It is one of my top fragrances that I would keep forever. Longevity is mostly around 30 minutes with almost non-existing projection. Accessoires homme Gucci d'occasion disponibles sur, dépôt vente de luxe en ligne. Vous allez être redirigé sur la page contact de Videdressing. Prix. I just adore this! £55.00 - £110.00. The weather is transitioning here in Vancouver, Canada as the weather starts to warm up and sunshine starts to fill up the sky. it is like wearing fresh crisp green and red grapes. I went to a culinary school for 1 year and since the chefs never mind me wearing colognes during classes in the kitchen as long as it is no too overwhelming that it will contaminate the food. Versatile, its an all season, all occasion and nearly all temperature fragrance (isn't the best for super hot days or the dead of winter). I could call it mini-spicebomb. I can smell this on me and my husband all day when either of us wear it (I steal from his bottle :D) so it's a good performer for a fresh scent without ever becoming overbearing. Light and sweet, with just a touch of warm spice. For me, perfume is a sensory, luxury experience and so the bottle does matter because it is part of the whole experience (which I'm paying for handsomely!). It has weak performance on skin, but it sticks on clothes. You could always carry a decant with you and reapply but then you would need to look at the cost effectiveness of purchasing this juice. Shop our amazing Gucci Men collection at Saks OFF 5TH. I like cinnamon so it wasn't bad. The performance is garbage, the projection is garbage,(on my skin), but oh my God is it a wonderful scent. Beauty Almanac |. I did try it and I kind of regret giving it away because it's wonderful. I love the bottle. Unfortunately the sillage and longevity as same as the other Gucci fragrances… The opening is a very very solid violet leaf, which fades away few minutes later. But there is no need to mourn its discontinuation because we are blessed to live in a golden age of perfumery where there are many superior woody-amber fragrances. Support personnalisé. Despite the almost non-existent performance, I don't regret buying this one. 30-day supply in a luxe purse spray. I wear it when I'm in a hurry and didn't get a chance to put anything on before heading out to work. Such that I would wear it in the presence of somebody who is grieving. The latter statement proved to be quite true, as I barely detect it after even one hour after application. Luxurious pipe tobacco with nice warm black tea with a hint of spice. I don't think this was meant to be loud but more consistent in how the fragrance carries throughout the day. Find the latest selection of Gucci in-store or online at Nordstrom. The thing I love the most about Gucci Pour Homme II is that it is a fresh scent for men that doesn't have that sharp "masculine cologne" smell. Un coup de maître, tout simplement. Three days later, the scent was still present on the paper strip unchanged, but only fainter. Le dernier, d’ailleurs, de la part de GUCCI qui depuis, décevra toutes les espérances que cette grande maison a fait naître pendant des décennies d’excellence chez les passionnés que nous sommes (voir la désastreuse série des GUCCI GUILTY qu’un GUCCI ABSOLUTE, bon mais brouillon, sauvera à peine du naufrage). This fragrance was meant to give a smooth and soft sillage... not project like a monster. There's a lot of colognes, but this one stands out. At first I found this fragrance too cheesy, but then it started to grow on me. Il faut espérer que GUCCI, marque d’avant-garde, saura pour une fois regarder en arrière et s’inspirer des géniales intuitions qui étaient les siennes il n’y a guère que 20 ans (époque du génialissime ENVY également). Clearly ahead of its time; although not unique today, I imagine back in the late 2000's there wasn't anything smelling like this. I have the 2012 batch (2333). Fragrance Reviews: 1000439 It has a lot of black tea notes that make it so fresh and spicy of cinnamon that make a warmth feelin on your heart. To me its more of a festive winter smell, but i haven't tried this is in the hotter months yet. I searched for it and found it selling on and hit the purchase button. Imo its a bit too spicy for hot weather wear but perfect for spring, fall or inside a nicely air conditioned office. The $200+ prices on ebay is price gouging because this juice is so rare nowadays. Seems like Gucci har discontinued ph1 and ph2 while they seem to be their greatest most loved scents. Doesn't seem to last very long unfortunately maybe 3 hours at best. The primary note is walking into a room in South Asia where premium black tea is dried... then the cinnamon and violet balance the tea with a touch of spice and floral sweetness. It does not come off as old, modern or experimental. I agreed, and now this will always be a memory with this scent, a rainy morning with a couple that loved how I smelled. Extremely versatile, attractive, playful yet artistic. 3 oz. In-store pickup and alterations services available. I need to grab a bottle quick. Shop Gucci Men's Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum, 1.6-oz. I believe that I have a 2017 batch. Shamefully discontinued. Extraordinary in the gentleness of its presence. Must have boat shoes on. Not sure when to wear it, not in cold weather, but its not right for summers either. As soon as put my nose on the smell of this one I knew there was something familiar... Eau des Baux (L'Occitane)! I own this & Envy(both are understandably running out :( ) and love them both. Great for close encounters. kalau saya sih ini parfum cocoknya buat malam hari. ... Retrouvez notre collection de Mocassins Gucci pour Homme disponibles sur Vestiaire Collective ainsi qu'un grand choix d'articles mode à prix d'occasion. It doesn't project like a monster or last forever, but it doesn't really have to. To me this is a masterpiece. C'est alors une maison spécialiste d'une maroquinerie s'adressant essentiellement aux cavaliers et alliant raffinement et tradition artisanale de qualité. Rose and chili pepper create an unexpected and invigorating retro vibe, while patchouli and cedarwood accentuate the fragrance's richness and sensuality. The light tea notes give it a luxurious vibe. close to skin. I will spray this on the days I do not want a fragrance on myself, but rather to have an aroma floating around. Its not a loud, annoying, ultra projecting fragrance and I don't think it was meant to be, its very fresh and sexy and does last quite a long time. I love cinnamon and it really shines through here along with the spicy notes, tobacco, black tea, and violet leaf. Occasion. I can't help thinking that GPH II was simply ahead of its time, considering the state of perfumery back in 2007. Dans cette sélection de sacs pour homme, les modèles traditionnels côtoient des pièces plus contemporaines. I smelled this from a friend who asked me to buy this for him online. Four years after Gucci Pour Homme, Gucci launched Gucci Pour Homme II, created by Karine Dubreuil just like the first one. I'm lucky enough to own a 3.4oz and I enjoy it tremendously this time of year (Mid-Spring). Special thanks to YouTube guru Joy Amin for his recommendation on this lovely fragrance. When I first sprayed it on, it seemed to sit very close to the skin. I wore this one time and I think it was almost the last hour of our 6 hour kitchen class, when the chef approached me and asked me what cologne I was wearing, because it smelled good. The"Belle Epoque" of Gucci. Violet and bergamot create a masculine floralcy for natural and timeless appeal. No smoke is detected. Bought one last year after reading the reviews, instantly fell in love with the scent. I knew from the reviews that it doesn't perform well, but in my case, it's worse than that. Sadly, a short lived fragrance . Shame. It is calming, bold and elegant but somewhat lazy, I do not see much of a spark in its eye. The tea, cinnamon and violet leaf create a unique elixir that comforts the wearer and those around them. VALID ON PRE-ORDER. I drink all kinds of tea from India and China but I cannot (yet) detect a tea note. Il évoque les rencontres insolites alors que vous êtes loin de chez vous, une cigarette à la main (note qui est élégamment présente dans ce parfum). It has such a calming effect on my mood whenever I wear it. Its not offensive and sits close to the skin. Not something I wear regularly but it certainly has a spot in the collection. HiM is better suited for colder weather. You could wear this for any season, event, etc. Made in France. BEST fragrance Gucci has ever put out! Découvrez les articles Chaussures Gucci Homme en occasion au meilleur prix sur Videdressing. I love this stuff. This will alwas be in my collection as long as they still make it. Love. EDIT: I wrote the below review on Feb 1st 2018 and went back to purchase a 50ml bottle for myself today, April 4, 2018. not an expert on fragrances by any means but i absolutely love this scent. Quickly making it into the top 5. I noticed that this fragrance erroneously appeared on that list as well. This fragrance is just downright beautiful! Softer than Hanae Mori's HiM and less sweet. I have one bottle and it stays at work. What Gucci should do is create an EDP or Intense version where the projection is magnified to at least an arm's length(or slightly less) and the longevity is increased to 8 - 12 hours (or more). It's blended so flawlessly with tea, cinnamon and ginger as the stand out notes. Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men.Gucci Pour Homme II was launched in 2007. Not for getting compliment but for enjoying the moment of silence before i sleep. Gucci Pour Homme II was launched in 2007. If you are seeking a bottle don't be fooled by the hype here. The tea and spices combine seamlessly to create something absolutely magical. Try spraying this a little before bed. After about two hours, it has really come into its own and has developed an airy, watery separation that strongly resembles Jean Claude Ellena's signature creations, which I adore. I also get a slight resemblence to Prada LR Carbon, but that might just be my imagination. Already reviewed this one, but I just wanted to add a couple of points. I always expected to keep that unique aroma but couldn't figure out why after 1 hour at max this would disappear. still one of my favorite fragrance. This fragrance is an amazing tea fragrance which I am too late to discover! Annoyingly, fragrantica is pretty 'understocked' in its database for Ben Sherman, so I'll probably never find it - but GPH2 is definitely of that same 'world'. A nice tea cinnamon mix but very low sillage. If James Bond wears cologne... this is it. After reading fantastic reviews on Fragantica and elsewhere, I thought, wow, this is the shit! Thereafter I get a cool combintion of tea and cinnamon, but I don’t get any pimento note. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. It will remain in my collection and fill in that spot where I do not care what to wear that day and yet want to remain anonymous by scent. Beautiful tobacco/cinnamon fragrance thats nearly fresh enough to wear during the summer. Super comfy, well balanced fragrance, brings to mind the feeling of curling up with a good book and a cup of tea on an early fall afternoon. This is V & R Spicebomb tamer version, you could say it Spicebomb Eau De Fraiche. It's an inoffensive masculine scent, perfect for office setting or university setting, at the gym, or any other places where you encounter a lot of people. Love this one. I think is my second review, my first one was I think almost 3-4 years old. Bottle is also an elegant brick. In theory it seems like a recipe for disaster however in this beautifully blended masterpiece, it's like magic! I just got my 3rd bottle of GPH2, and unlike the previous two, everything about the scent was different - more like a cheap designer aquatic and not the spiced black tea dominated joy of the real McCoy. However, if you try to go heavier on this to get better projection, I guarantee you'll end up going nose blind. I believe this one is discontinued so get this from on-line fragrance resellers while you can. I love Gucci Pour Homme ii. I would say if you have the woman of your dreams with you, and you're getting ready to go to sleep, this is the one you wear, because women LOVE this scent. I usually don't get compliments when I wear a cologne, but for some reason women give me compliments with this one a lot. this reminds me of a lighter spice bomb that is more suitable for spring/summer but might not do well on REALLY hot days. Probably the most calming scent in my collection. I think I must have had something almost identical to this - I believe it was a bodyspray, by Ben Sherman (*not BS - Lambretta! I think it's a keeper but not for sure when I'll wear it outside of in the house while relaxing in the evening. Gucci pour homme II is the lighter and more summery version its now discontinued predecessor, the Gucci pour homme. Refreshing in the warm weather. The smell is very relaxing and calming but very soft. Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. It may have a smaller scent bubble but does leave a detectable scent trail. This is a really clever, well balanced offering that does exactly what you hope the list of ingredients will do. This is honestly such a weird scent for me. Non offensive dominated by tea with cinnamon sprinkled in there. Not as good as its older brother but at the same time it's doing much better on the market. Prix ... Gucci Homme 630530zaea32025 Beige Laine Trench Coat - Gucci / Veste Homme. Beware of fakes. Love this stuff so exclusive the way it smells good thing I do 12 sprays for every cologne I use so I get a little more out of this one. This 'was' a signature scent for me, now that it has been discontinued its more of a special occasion fragrance because its becoming more expensive and much harder to find sealed/authentic bottles. It has a nice smooth scent but fades away after less than 30 minutes. It is almost waste of money and resources to purchase GPH II in it's current form and an extreme embarrassment for Gucci to "tease" people with this wonderful juice for a brief moment and then POOF! So far I tried roughly a hundred fragrances, this scent is by far the best. This is such an evocative smell of 2006/7. Online right now: 2238, Fragrantica in your language: I think it may be a nice summer fragrance or high school fragrance for a guy/girl who doesn't want to be part of the smells like BO crowd without smelling like the mall mixed with AXE. The tea note was barelly there and all i could smell was a sweet tobacco clone of the first formulation.

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