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When the Judge claims to be able to feel Clarke's pain, Clarke tells the Judge to feel the pain she felt when she was holding Lexa as she died. First Appearance Lexa is convinced by Clarke, after Clarke's failed attempt to get through to Bellamy, that they didn't have to take blood for the battle. Clarke asks Lexa what she did and Lexa tells her she saved her people but Clarke's people were not part of the deal. The series follows a group of teens as they become the first people from a space habitat to return to Earth after a devastating nuclear apocalypse. The death of Lexa forever changed the show — but that's not to say it didn't recover. Kane and Abby get into a disagreement with Indra over this but Clarke agrees to it. Lexa dies in 'The 100' Season 3 Episode 7, which also reveals a shocking secret about Alie 2. A drawing of Lexa hung up in Clarke's room. In Nevermind, Clarke wakes up in her mindspace and is immediately drawn to a drawing of Lexa. She begs Clarke to tell her it was Lexa and it wasn't Clarke who did it, telling her she crossed a line but her secret is safe. Clarke walks over to Finn and hugs him, telling him she loves him and that he will be okay. Later, at the alliance banquet, Kane brings forward some liquor to share. https://www.fandom.com/articles/the-100-season-7-finale-spoilers-deaths, http://the100theories.tumblr.com/post/121453850250/jasons-periscope-q-a, https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/603777378012274689, https://the100writers.tumblr.com/post/173740559583/script-to-screen-501-eden, http://kimshum.tumblr.com/post/114437134711/were-clarke-and-lexa-named-after-clark-kent-and, http://sugarjonze.tumblr.com/post/125939487390/hi-i-just-wanted-to-say-that-i-find-the, http://sugarjonze.tumblr.com/post/120551688335/oh-you-wrote-2x06-my-favourite-part-of-the, http://kimshum.tumblr.com/post/112441438751/some-important-questions-1-who-braids-lexas, http://shawnambenson.tumblr.com/post/119065294272/more-thoughts-on-character-creation, https://tvline.com/lists/the-100-worst-deaths-all-time-ranked-lexa-bellamy/bellamy-blake-dies/, https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2020-09-30/the-100-season-7-cw-finale, https://the100.fandom.com/wiki/Lexa?oldid=230184. Lexa grew up with the Woods Clan, and from an early age, was trained as a warrior. 7 Shows Like The 100 to Watch While You Wait for Season 7 to Hit Netflix Altered Carbon is basically The 100 Season 6 on steroids Best New Shows … She also had Clarke brought to her in Polis amid the political turmoil. Clarke asks if maybe they deserve more out of life than just surviving and Lexa kisses Clarke. They reunite in the third season, when Lexa has Clarke brought to Polis. Her writing has been featured in Paste Magazine, Collider,…, such a cipher and general nonentity this season, The 100 Season 7 Episode 16 Review: The Last War, Octavia Blake’s Character Arc Remains The 100’s Greatest Strength, The 100's Decision to Sideline Clarke is Part of a Larger Season 7 Problem, Best Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Gifts: A Star Wars Holiday Buying Guide, Funko Gift Guide: Best Funko Pop Figures and Toys for the Holidays, LEGO Gift Guide: Best LEGO Sets for the Holidays, Hasbro Gift Guide: Best Hasbro Toys, Action Figures, and Games for the Holidays, The 100 Series Finale Brought Back a Major Character. See all ratings for The 100 . Before you get your hopes up, fandom, the real Lexa kom Trikru died in the Season 3 episode “Thirteen” and is still most sincerely dead as of the series finale. In "Remember Me", Lexa tells Clarke that Costia was captured because Queen Nia believed that she knew Lexa's secrets. Clarke draws his fire while Lincoln sneaks up on him and attacks Whitman. Indra tells her she doesn't stand watch and Clarke then asks where Octavia is. I'm here to review the big Lexa twist, and analyze the flashback reveals. Octavia tells them Indra expects her to be on a scouting mission with Lincoln. Heda (Commander in Trigedasleng)Commander of the BloodHeir to Bekka PramhedaLeksa kom Trikru (Lexa of the Woods Clan) Cause of Death (And, to be honest, bears very little resemblance to her in the ways that count, if you ask me.). Chapter 2: 5x01 Notes: This one is naturally one of the longest chapters as the episode featured on Clarke and Madi so heavily. Jaha is returned to Camp Jaha and tells them he has a message from the Commander: "leave or die. When among those she trusts, she is willing to show a more vulnerable side. Sgt. Jaha tells Kane that their time isn't up yet because they still have work to do. Season 7, The Last War Discussion. Clarke wants to ensure that Aden wins the Conclave because he was Lexa's choice. The rules of transcendence are kind of a mess. She also has long, wavy brown hair that she usually keeps in braids. [2] She was born a Nightblood and was, as is tradition, brought to Polis as a child to be groomed as a potential successor to the Commander. Even without the Flame, fragments of previous Commanders' memories, including Lexa's, were shown to have remained in Madi's mind. Clarke cannot resist hugging the Judge, despite knowing that it is not the real Lexa. Clarke tells Abby that if the truce doesn't hold, then she killed Finn for nothing and walks away. Meanwhile, the Commander has put out a bounty on all Sky People which leads to Thelonious Jaha's capture. Their relationship becomes strained after "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)", when Lexa betrays the Sky People by retreating from Mount Weather in order to save her own people. Lexa sends Tristan to take over Anya's unit when Anya fails to defeat the Delinquents, effectively demoting her. However, any Sky Person found past the blockade will be subject to a kill order. Well, in the series finale, The 100 shockingly brought back Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa to help close out Clarke's story, and I've never been so surprised in my life. The sniper uses a tone generator to incapacitate him and holds Lincoln hostage with a knife while pointing a gun at Clarke. Lexa tells the delegate that she has a message for Nia and wants to speak to him in private. read more: The 100 Essential Episodes to Watch. Clarke worries over whether or not Bellamy will be successful and Lexa tells her that's what it means to be a leader. After a war meeting, Lexa and Clarke have a moment. In Wanheda (Part 2), Lexa rises from her throne in the Polis tower, flanked by Indra and Titus. Clarke convinces her to use Indra's radio to contact Kane and he could meet them. Abby tells everyone at Camp Jaha that yes, the Grounders have threatened them but they haven't made any decisions yet. Niylah tells Clarke that Lexa would be proud of her and that Lexa lives on through Clarke. The 100 came to an end after seven seasons in the US last night (September 30), but not without a surprising character return. Significant Kills Lexa then discovers that Clarke had drawn her while she was sleeping. Clarke tells her she did it to save Bellamy and Octavia tells her that Bellamy would have never agreed to it and would have found another way. Gustus is very protective and holds high respect for Lexa. Octavia also convinces Lexa to let her get Clarke into Arkadia as a means of trying to fix the situation. They officially meet in "Long Into an Abyss", when Clarke approaches Lexa in order to put aside their differences and create peace between their people. Clarke, to her. Lexa just tells him to do his job and protect her. Gustus enters with some warriors and they start to beat up Jaha. However, Tristan is killed by Marcus Kane before he can succeed. Lexa is of average height, slim, with a high forehead, full lips, lightly tanned skin, green eyes, and a youthful face. Octavia refuses to believe her and continues chest compressions. Lexa assures Clarke that they bring their people peace before they stumble upon the field with the dead bodies of the peace army sent there. Her love for Clarke, for example, extends to Clarke's people as well, so much so that Lexa made the young Nightbloods swear their loyalty to the thirteenth clan in the event that they become Commander. Aden reassures Clarke that Lexa made him and the other Nightbloods vow to support Clarke's people if they become the next Commander. In Bodyguard of Lies, in the Grounder camp outside Mount Weather, Clarke is stressing over the battle plans and Lexa tells her she should rest because she is wasting her energy. They arrive at Tondc the next day and everyone has to disarm before entering. The 100 Season 4. TVLine ranked Lexa's death as the most heartbreaking death of the entire series. As the characters faced transcendence or extinction during the finale, they were greeted by some familiar faces, including one person that fans had been waiting to see again for four seasons. The 100 season 7: Will Clarke Griffin star have a new role finale? Nyko and Indra return and take Raven away. Clarke tries again to persuade Lexa to have another warrior fight for her in the battle, but Lexa again refuses and is escorted to the battle area by Titus after telling Clarke that "this is goodbye, for now.". It was Lexa's advice from beyond the grave that convinced Clarke to let Madi lead Wonkru in the Battle for Eden. Clarke is infuriated and spits on Lexa. Clarke says she doesn't want to see her, however, with the Ice Nation threatening the Coalition Lexa stresses that they have more important matters to discuss. Lexa tells Clarke that Finn will die for her, then. The 100's seventh and final season came to a close Wednesday night, and the series went out with a bang. Clarke Griffin (former girlfriend) Costia† (former girlfriend) There are rules, however— only those who are still alive at the moment of transformation are allowed to transcend (Sorry, Bellamy. And as such, her reappearance here is a beautiful nod to the important role she did – and still does – play in Clarke’s life. Titus then speaks to her about Clarke, voicing his concerns, Lexa's response is that Clarke is special. Lexa explains that she got it on her Ascension Day, and the seven circles represent the seven Nightbloods who died. Though, perhaps this really is the ending we deserve in this hell year. He starts to taunt her and shoots arrows at her as she runs. The 100 Season 7. Lincoln tells them it's not possible because Finn killed innocent people and they're already lucky because if it were up to Indra, all of the Sky People would be dead. Lexa accepts her death and tells Clarke that her fight is over. In The 48, while hunting the surviving delinquents, Tristan tells Finn Collins that he needs to take one of them alive to the Commander. In God Complex, after his fight with Luna, Roan quips that he should have learned his lesson about fighting Nightbloods after Lexa. Madi tells her that she knows that what happened to Lexa is why Clarke is scared of her becoming the Commander. She was mentored by Flamekeeper Titus, and later served as Anya's Second, who was also her mentor.At age 12, the previous Commander died and Lexa was called to attend the conclave. Despite Clarke's desperate attempts to save her, Lexa died from her wound. Abby asks Lincoln how to negotiate with Lexa in order to save Finn but he says there is no way out of it and Finn must die. Having been groomed to lead her people since she was a child, Lexa does not shy away from her role and responsibilities. After Lexa's conversation with Clarke, she goes to meet the delegates from the other twelve clans. She goes on to tell them that once they get the door open, they will be under heavy fire from Mount Weather and that's what they want. In "Watch the Thrones", he tries to dissuade her from fighting Roan on her own. In Hakeldama, Lexa and Clarke head to Arkadia with the body of the dead Ice Queen. The Sky People are searched and they find the poison on Raven. Despite what the Ice Nation did to Costia, Lexa still allowed them to join her Coalition on the condition that Nia's eldest son Roan was banished[7]. In the woods outside Tondc, a Mountain Man (Whitman) reports back to Mount Weather that Clarke has arrived. Later that night, Clarke awakens to find Lexa watching over her in the woods. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy are watching the front gate when they see Finn step out in front of them and surrender himself to the Grounders. She praises him when he manages to block her attacks, then looks shock when he lands a hit on her. Lexa's Coalition became involved in a series of conflicts with the Sky People, after the latter group landed in the Coalition's territory. He goes on to say that if it is Lexa's weakness preventing her from killing Wanheda, the Ice Nation would gladly step in again (referring to the Ice Nation's capture and murder of Costia). Lexa is later seen sparring with one of the Nightblood children, a boy named Aden. Clarke states that she wants all of the Mountain Men dead. (Eye-roll forever.). They kiss in "Bodyguard of Lies"; however, Clarke tells Lexa that she is not ready for a relationship so soon after Finn's death under Lexa's orders. Affiliation Title/Alias She believes that to be a good leader, she must not let emotions affect her judgement. Grâce à l’une des nombreuses toxines d’Alpha, quelques personnages de The 100 qui ne sont plus avec nous ont pu réapparaître lors de la sortie de la saison 7.Pourrait-on voir d’autres anciens personnages favoris comme Lexa revenir pour la dernière saison ? Eventually, the Flame was physically destroyed by Gabriel Santiago after an aborted attempt to fix it, taking with it the minds of the Commanders still stored inside. The series finale of The 100 had many shocking twists, but none so massive as the long-awaited return of a fan-favorite character. Well, sort of. Lexa comes up and tells Clarke she can kill Quint when they hear a loud roar. She tearfully recites the traveler's blessing and kisses Lexa for the last time. Afterwards, they lie in bed and Clarke examines the tattoo on Lexa's back. While Debnam-Carey does indeed return to on our screens in full commander garb and war paint, the woman in this episode isn’t actually Lexa at all. Did anyone else think it really was Lexa that greeted Clarke at the test, not just the being that took on her form? She touches it and a flashback to Lexa is shown. Clarke brings Ryder back to Lexa and tells her that Octavia is not a problem. For Lexa, her betrayal of Clarke is her deepest regret and she's showing it to Madi so that Clarke won't make that same mistake. He leaves behind a girl, Lexa, to make sure the deed is done. He leaves behind a dagger and tells them that one of them will die by the other's hand and only then will he hear the terms of their surrender. In Sic Semper Tyrannis, Indra justifies making Madi, a child and Clarke's adopted daughter, the new Commander by revealing that Lexa was the same age when she ascended to the throne. Yes, The 100 fans finally get to see Lexa – and Clexa – together again. In The Warriors Will, Clarke decides not to remove the Flame from Madi because she cannot bring herself to destroy it, presumably because it contains Lexa's consciousness. During her fight with Roan, Lexa manages the first shot after Roan attempts to attack her while her back is turned. In Damocles (Part 1), Madi tells Clarke that all the Commanders in the Flame think that love is weakness, except Lexa. They quickly realize their hiding place is actually the feeding ground of the Pauna when she leaps over and attacks and kills their guard. The 100 Season 6 finale left us with some major questions for The 100 Season 7, aka the final season. The delegate from the Ice Nation refuses to bow to Lexa when she walks in, questioning why Wanheda is not dead yet. Lincoln refuses to retreat and Lexa has him restrained. Blood must have blood." On the journey from Camp Jaha to Tondc, Lexa, and Gustus are riding on horses and discussing the alliance in Trigedasleng. Abby tells everyone that no decision has been made yet and they should all report to their station supervisors.Later at Camp Jaha, everyone is preparing to evacuate when Clarke arrives and tells Abby that she knows how to stop the Grounder threat. As blood having blood only resulted in everyone's death. Among the Grounders, her readiness to make tough choices has earned her a reputation for ruthlessness. Clarke refuses to kill him at the last minute causing the ambassadors to stir. The reason Lexa's hair was covered when she first appears is because her braids were so intricate that she'd need to have help with them. Clarke enters the Commander's tent and meets Lexa, who is seated on a throne with Indra on one side. Commander of the 12 ClansCommander's novitiate (former)Anya's second (former) The final season of 'The 100' is upon us and your wondering how 'Lexa' is supposed to come back, when she is dead? Gender He demands that Lexa does her end of the deal and lift his banishment, but she refuses because his mother's, Queen Nia, army is marching on Polis. Quels acteurs seront présents ? She is not above betraying her allies when it benefits her people, breaking deals with both Clarke and Roan for this reason. Seasons The Pauna is still trapped and they are safe as long as the cage holds. Clarke and Lexa then wait for the power to go out. The guards drag Clarke away as she screams "You wanted the Commander of Death, you got her!" Status Later, in an attempt to convince him to go to war, Echo tells Roan that the Azgeda war chiefs do not respect him because he lost to Lexa in their duel. She was born a Nightblood and, as is tradition, was brought to Polis to be taught and trained as a potential successor for the Commander. Season 4 happens exactly the same. Clarke then admits that they've lost contact with Bellamy after he blew up the Acid Fog machine. Clarke tells Lexa she loves her and goes to find the switch. Being reminded of his loyalty to Lexa causes Jorum to stop, but Clarke kills him anyway. In The Dying of the Light, when Levitt digs through the memories of the Commanders still inside of Madi, a flashback of Lexa from her time in the City of Light can be seen for a moment. Emily Hannemann May 26, 4:30 pm. Lincoln is shocked to see both Clarke and Lexa are safe and not in Tondc. Lexa was Anya's second (apprentice) before she became the Commander, and Anya has since become a high-ranking leader in Lexa's army. [4] Lexa won the Conclave after seven other Nightbloods were killed and Luna had fled. In "Remember Me", he tries to ruin the alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People so as to keep Lexa safe. Lexa took the deal, saving her people but leaving Clarke and the rest of the Sky People to die in Mount Weather. However, the final hour’s most shocking revelation has to be the long-awaited return of fan favorite Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa. She suddenly sees her mom in Tondc and goes back for her. We recently came back to the reasons why the 7 seasons of The 100 made the same fatal mistake as Lost and its survivors, but it is an achievement that we want to highlight today: that of the return of Lexa . 9 Characters Who Could Return in 'The 100' Season 7. Indra tells her that she is with Lincoln, scouting as planned. In Mount Weather, the power goes out all over the place and Cage Wallace tells Emerson over radio to start the clock for one minute. Purely hypothetical Choice concerning Lexa in season 7. Lexa has a meeting with Marcus Kane and Abigail Griffin about having the Sky People join her Coalition as the thirteenth clan. Clarke begs Lexa to show how powerful she is by having mercy and that Finn killed those people for her. Lexa tells them that if they refuse, the Commander will use the knife to slit both of their throats. Abby leaves in disgust and sadness and heads back into Tondc. Later, Lexa summons Clarke to her tent to tell her that Octavia has nothing to fear from Lexa because Lexa trusts Clarke. She says that she believes that their wish for peace is sincere, but that Jaha will be used to send a message and they drag Jaha away because "the massacre must be answered. Lexa and Clarke find each other in 5x01 at Shallow Valley. He makes the shot with only a second to spare and the lock is blown. Last Appearance Lexa keeps trying to convince Clarke that she did the right thing. Clarke explains how there are four teams: one at the dam (Raven and Wick), one in the mines (Indra and Octavia), one inside the mountain (Bellamy and the caged Grounders), and Clarke's team who will take the front door. Josephine Lightbourne finds the room and taunts Clarke about her deepest traumas, noting that Clarke still cries when she thinks of Lexa. Sort of. Lincoln tells Clarke to let Whitman kill him and then shoot Whitman because her people need her. When Ontari instead kills Aden and the other Nightblood children in their sleep, Clarke convinces Titus that this is not what Lexa would have wanted. Lexa promises not to betray Clarke again, bowing to her and giving herself to Clarke only rising once Clarke offers her hand. Lexa charges at the men and kills many of them, buying Clarke the time she needs to reach and pull the kill switch, destroying A.L.I.E. Many fans are concerned about the fates of leads Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake. Her surprise return feels like nothing so much as baiting the fandom with the one thing they’ve asked for repeatedly over the past four years – only giving it to them in precisely the worst way possible. Lexa tries to maintain peace and order within the clans, and Clarke uncovers a strange and game-changing truth. In doing so, she stopped her training with Anya in order to take on the responsibilities required by her position. The chemistry between the pair still crackles, and there’s a certain catharsis in seeing Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor share the screen with each other one more time before the final credits roll. Clarke approaches the Grounder camp outside Camp Jaha and is stopped by Gustus who warns her he'll slit her throat at the slightest provocation. At the end of Gustus' Death of a Thousand Cuts, Lexa approaches and Gustus tells her to be strong. As the door creaks open, Clarke gives the command to attack just as Lexa interrupts, telling them all to stand down. With so much of this series finale left to viewer interpretation—Is the ending a happy one? Lexa tells her that their ways may be harsh but it is how they survive. As Clarke prepares to leave, she is cornered in her room by Titus. In the second round, Aden is still successful in blocking her attacks and even counters with a backhand to the face when Lexa pins his sword down. Clarke gets Abby to leave with her while Kane and Indra realize Clarke and Lexa have gone missing. The season’s slow burn of sexual tension between Clarke and Lexa pays off in this terrific moment — the kiss, their sadness, and the finality of it all lends itself to some great chemistry. Miller gives her a package of hydrazine from Raven.

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