best instagram accounts to learn french

Getting featured on a big travel Instagram account is a great way to get more eyes on your travel photos and helps you gain more followers. The course is a great intro to French and they offer more in-depth help for an affordable price. These feature accounts definitely helped me grow my following on @onechelofanadventure.So here is a list of the Best Travel Instagram Accounts … 9 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Want to Learn French, Les voisins du 12bis, a Bilingual Fiction to Learn French, Back to School : 3 Tips to Help Your Child With French Learning, Is French Hard to Learn? Instead of scrolling through pictures of beauty tutorials or fail videos, learn a few French words! BBC Learning English. Learn french online for free on French Bien. 15 French Girl Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Libby MacCarthy. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. 9 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Want to Learn French 1 Learn French Easily 2 Airfrancemagazine 3 Frenchwords Owned by an Immersion teacher and author, it makes use of one picture chart to present a number of sentences, pictures, phrases, and French words. Oh la la Jadore offers French quizzes on her Instagram stories. Master pep talk giver, tea lover, sharing stories and tips on travel, life, and everything in between! Followers: 15.2 million. What special about them is that they even add visuals! Gerçekten cumartesi ve pazar günleri arasında bir güne ihtiyacım var _ ( okunuş: je vreman bezuan dün jur antr lö samdi e lö dimanş ), A post shared by Learn French Language Easily (@learnfrencheasily) on Jan 27, 2019 at 6:35am PST. For example: “Peu importe” means “Whatever” or “Il pleut des cordes” means “it’s raining cats and dogs”. Updated almost everyday, it is a very useful French-Learning account. (Are you free tomorrow?). The mastermind behind this account currently lives in Quito, Ecuador and teaches French over there. VuTheara Kham is a French photographer who is based in Paris. How to Learn French With the S.M.A.R.T Method? The Best Translation Apps for iOS and Android, 6 French Christmas Movies to Discover or Watch Again, 15 of The Most Popular French Songs From The 2000s, 16 Stereotypes Quebecers are Tired of Hearing. It was like I was having lunch with them! Learn phrases like Il pleut (it is raining), Tu vas me manquer (I will miss you), and Es-tu libre demain? You'll find an Instagram account for actors, singers, brands, influencers and more. Discover tons of free french language exercises, fun facts and content written specifically to help you learn french in a casual way. ), Learn French Daily uses cute graphics and audio to help you learn simple phrases or sayings in French. . @humansofny Created by the photographer and writer Brandon Stanton, the quirkily-appealing Humans of New York has highlighted stories of hundreds of people interviewed on the streets of … BBC Learning English is a super popular Instagram account with over 1.4 million followers. French Bien is a free french course online available 24/7! 66.8k Followers, 1 Following, 249 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Learn French with Mademoiselle (@learnfrencheasily) This is the most diverse list you'll find online from under 10k to over 143 million followers. Have you ever thought about using Instagram to learn a language? Street French is my favorite French account. For example, colors that come from actual things like orange (both a color and a fruit) do not change gender or number. Sound_French’s posts not only have audio but at times he asks followers questions that you can answer (preferably in French). French Instagrammers don’t really pose, their content is not all advertisement-infused, they post random photos they take of things they see, they’re honest, and they … And such a fun idea–I followed a few accounts to freshen up my French! Want to diversify your language learning? Learn about the researchers, startups and business leaders shaping the future. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some people are so creative and really have a natural knack for teaching! (Although I honestly find the grammar rules and pronunciation the most challenging part of learning French.). In frenchwords, a new word with the English translation is... 2) #IGLC. 0 comments. I want to share an instagram account I follow to learn French, it’s pretty cool to learn the basic phrases ;) @dailyfrenchlesson. French Instagram Hashtags for Hobbies. Or maybe you’ve learned French a long time ago and just need a vocabulary refresher. A cool instagram account to learn French. I cleaned up my feed and created a private account just for improving my Spanish skills. @nvidiaai: AI is transforming every industry and solving real-world problems. (How cool is that? . What a cute post!!! 4 Things to Look Out For. Each week they have a French Slang of the Week. It’s very straightforward and basic. Machine Learning & AI Instagram Accounts. The best Instagram accounts to learn French A cup of French. Oh la la Jadore offers French quizzes on her Instagram stories. It’s the language-focused counterpart of French Words Journal, mentioned above. I speak French too, but I’ve become so rusty so this is a great way of keeping up to date with my French , I didn’t know for all that opportunities, thanks for sharing them! It’s just the perfect Instagram account to support your French learning. Creative Instagram Accounts to Follow For A Dose Of Inspiration 1. Look up words for things you enjoy in your target language. For example she had a color chart graphic, that not only tells you the vocabulary but also the grammar rules. @jeffonline. There’s something totally irresistible about French (most notably Parisian) style. So the post includes this word, its meaning and uses it in a sentence. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below ... french onion pasta and fish tacos. save hide report. Best Instagram Meme Accounts to Watch 1. What are you using to learn? Your email address will not be published. It provides great content, but it also shows a lot of the teacher’s real life. Yea. best… We love the style sensibility of interior designer Natalie Myers, so we’re not surprised to find that her Instagram account is so awe-inspiring. She recently moved from Paris to Amsterdam which for some reason makes her that much cooler! Instagram can be used to learn new words, improve your pronunciation, and get feedback from native speakers. It’s run by the dynamic duo Charlie and Maia. 6 Best Accounts to Learn French on Instagram. It’s comprehensive and memorable. 100% Upvoted. It encourages people to follow for the funniest videos and memes. Learning a new language like French can be hard. That’s why we’ve rounded up the very best food accounts on Instagram, for home cooks and hungry scrollers alike. Sort by. Learn how your comment data is processed. Learn French Easily is another language learning page, similar in concept to French Words. Every day, France.say offers you a new... Boîte au FLE. Bonjour Nives, It is ALWAYS a good time to start learning French 2 years after your post, is it still a goal for you ? We compiled a mega list of the best Instagram accounts. Its a great way to learn new words or just hear the language. You need to spend time on it every day in order to see real progress. 10 Best French Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following 1. This Instagram account has 16k followers and is an easy way to learn at least one French word, a typically saying or a sentence daily. Explore the very best of French cuisine and find delicious recipes for favored classics such as Coq au Vin and French pastries. Loads of Instagram accounts posts a different random Spanish word or phrase each day. And speaking of fellow Georgians, I was inspired by my good friend, Jamie Worley, who shared a wonderful post not long ago: 5 Favorite Instagrams to Follow . The posts are pretty and the account itself is harmonious. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. French Instagrammers are an entire breed of their own, vastly different from Kim Kardashian and #OOTD-obsessed bloggers. Que magnifique!! 6 Best Accounts to Learn French on Instagram Street French. This week the slang word of the week is “Chelou”, which means strange. And let’s face it … who has time? We’re on IG all the type, might as well be productive! Last on my list of top 5 Instagram accounts to learn French is @Bilingual_fun. ), A cup of French is my second favorite French Instagram account. These AI Instagram accounts will give you a #nofilter insight into the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning developments. You're sure to find something to enjoy in this list of French Instagram accounts. Interesting how some of my favorites to follow are mostly educational Instagram accounts of fellow Georgians! France.say. If you are in love with the French language, this account is for you! Required fields are marked *. That was so helpful! They do an Instagram Live on Fridays and call it French Fridays, where they speak in (mostly) French and answer your language learning questions. It nice to know that I’ve participated in such an important aspect of the brand. I used to sit in and listen during my lunch hour at work. Let us know in the comments below….. Gosh, I never knew this even existed on Instagram! Here are ten Instagram profiles that can help learn English by enhancing your vocabulary, practising your grammar and improving your pronunciation! 682.8k Followers, 173 Following, 2,315 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from French Words (@frenchwords) Random fact: A while ago they had a vote on the new logo. But did you know that you can learn French on Instagram? @epicfunnypage is highly popular. How do you say sunflower in your language? Here are some excellent educational accounts for several major languages: French Words is a wildly popular account, with more than 580,000 followers who check in every day to learn a new French word, quote or expression. This is a great idea, because I am always looking for ways to practice my french, I never ever thought about. You need to be hearing and speaking your new language in order to master it. Talk in French is another account that uses audio to help followers learn French. Now I use those hashtags for my posts, too. Follow These Accounts: 10 Ways to Learn French on Instagram 1) frenchwords. French is one of the languages that I would like to learn, maybe it’s time to start? Good morning! share. If you are interested in street and urban... 2. Besides the absolutely fetch handle name, she uses graphics to teach you French vocabulary. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. It makes a point of posting funny content multiple times per day. I’m definitely goin to check them out. I always found french quite difficult, but it can be a good way to make it simple, Coucou, je pense que tu ne pourras pas passer à côté de mes nombreux likes sur les réseaux sociaux, je suis aussi blogueuse et je vis en France, je serai ravie de partager un peu plus avec toi ! I like it because it makes me feel less guilty about being on Instagram! Thanks for sharing these accounts. If you want to learn how to cultivate high-end style with a playful twist, this is a great place to start. Take a look! Are you learning a new language? We all know that reading is not enough. (Mind blown!!! @vutheara. Jun 04, 2015. Why you should go to the Museum Mile Festival. Apps like Instagram can also be useful if you follow the right accounts. It feels like an account of someone who truly wants to get to know and work with other educators. @epicfunnypage. The account will teach you everything to do with French vocabulary, from the very useful Ça Suffit (that’s enough) to the very French Merde (sh*t).. @learnfrencheasily. Your email address will not be published. Can you say 'le hashtag?' Here are my favorite Instagram accounts that I used to learn French. I found a few interesting French speaking accounts through them. Bon succès ! She also posts quotes, sayings or simple vocabulary words on her “wall”. They do an... Oh La La Jadore. Drawing: @beaubonjoli . Real basic without all the frills. If Maigret is the queen of the French Instagram fashion world, then Jeanne Damas is its princess, the girl next door who might also just be the chicest thing on two legs. I think it’s awesome that you have given yourself this challenge!! A few minutes a day can help you maintain your current language skills when you are busy and can’t squeeze in, for example, 30 minutes a day. Yup. Hey ! The pastel background colours and cute images really add a little something to the learning process. The great thing about the Sound_French Instagram account is that his posts have audio. If you just want to know a couple of words here and there for your trip to Paris that’s in two or three days, I’d say start here. If you're already spending time on Twitter, you should be following these French Twitter accounts to support your learning. I never tried learning languages that way and it is about the time to start it seems! They also have a YouTube channel and offer a FREE French e-course on their website Street French. Discover the best French cooking Instagrammers including Mimi Thorisson of Manger and Alice Ngo of Le Grumeau. A bientôt. Instead, les françaises have the certain je-ne-sais-quoi, except that we know what it is: genuity. Street French is my favorite French account. That’s so creative! These Instagram accounts are mindblowingly amazing. It’s run by the dynamic duo Charlie and Maia. Hi, I'm Summer! This account, from an Ontario-based junior teacher of a split grade classroom, is sort of the best of both sides of Instagram. She also posts quotes, sayings or... Sound_French.

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