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[88], In 2005 the National Film Registry added San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, April 18, 1906, a newsreel documentary made soon after the earthquake, to its list of American films worthy of preservation. Cable cars abruptly stopped, City Hall crumbled, and the Palace Hotel’s glass roof splintered and littered the courtyard below. San Francisco se trouve entre l'océan Pacifique, à l'ouest, et la plaine centrale de Californie, à l'est. La rupture des canalisations de gaz a provoqué un gigantesque incendie dans le centre et 25.000 immeubles ont pris feu. [8] The 1906 rupture propagated both northward and southward for a total of 296 miles (476 km). A young man discovers a series of secrets and lies that left San Francisco highly vulnerable to the fires that engulfed it in the aftermath of the historical 1906 earthquake. In the U.S., the question was discussed differently. [8] According to findings published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, severe deformations in the earth's crust took place both before and after the earthquake's impact. THE LICK HOUSE—This was one of the quiet family hotels of San Francisco on Montgomery Street between Sutter and Post streets. [36] The original California flag used in the 1846 Bear Flag Revolt at Sonoma, which at the time was being stored in a state building in San Francisco, was also destroyed in the fire. But this plan was dismissed during the aftermath of the earthquake. : v. 27, p. 5 ("San Francisco's growth in the first half of the 20th century was shaped by two cataclysmic events. Navigate parenthood with the help of the Raising Curious Learners podcast. Le tremblement de terre et l’incendie dévastateurs qui frappèrent San Francisco en 1906 marquèrent une cassure dans l’évolution sociale, politique, et économique de la ville, laissant le champ libre à une compétition féroce pour sa reconstruction. I have talked and listened in two clubs, watched people in cars and in the street, and one man is glad that Chinatown will be cleared out for good; another's chief solicitude is for Millet's 'Man with the Hoe.' At 5:12 a.m. on April 18, 1906, a foreshock hit San Francisco. Damage from the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. 'Sure.' Clutching an autographed photo of President Theodore Roosevelt, Caruso made an effort to get out of the city, first by boat and then by train, and vowed never to return to San Francisco. nécessaire]3, et son épicentre se situait à 12,1 km à l'ouest de San Francisco sur le système de faille se trouvant au large des côtes4. In the process, more than 500 blocks in the city centre—covering some 4 square miles (10 square km)—were leveled. [43][44], Political and business leaders strongly downplayed the effects of the earthquake, fearing loss of outside investment in the city which was badly needed to rebuild. En un jour, environ deux mille bâtiments sont réduits en cendre, soit environ les trois quarts de la cité1. San Francisco was better prepared when the next notable earthquake struck in 1989. National Underwriter/P&C [New York] April 18, 2006: 12–16. [citation needed] In 1929, Bank of Italy was renamed and is now known as Bank of America. [89], Major earthquake that struck San Francisco and the coast of Northern California, "San Francisco earthquake" redirects here. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18 with an estimated moment magnitude of 7.9 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme). [48], William James, the pioneering American psychologist, was teaching at Stanford at the time of the earthquake and traveled into San Francisco to observe first-hand its aftermath. Del Monte attended the event at Lotta's Fountain on April 18, 2010 and the dinner at John's Restaurant the night before. It was felt from Los Angeles to Oregon and Nevada.The earthquake was about a 7.8 on the Richter scale.Around 3,000 people were killed and between 227,000 and 300,000 people were left homeless. San Francisco City Hall after the 1906 Earthquake. Damage was severe in San Francisco and in other towns situated near the fault, including San Jose, Salinas, and Santa Rosa. Le 18 avril 1906 survient à San Francisco la plus grande catastrophe que l'Amérique ait connue : un séisme de magnitude 8,25 créant une faille de 420 kilomètres de long suivi d’un gigantesque incendie, qui durera plus de trois jours. Le séisme principal eut lieu à 5 h 12 du matin le long de la faille de San Andreas. On July 1, 1906, non-military authorities assumed responsibility for relief efforts, and the Army withdrew from the city. Just as there would be none at all if all this New York that has so obsessed me with its limitless bigness was itself a blazing ruin. Le second grand incendie de 1851 a lieu le 22 juin et détruit environ cinq cents bâtiments. [19][20] Most of the deaths occurred in San Francisco itself, but 189 were reported elsewhere in the Bay Area; nearby cities, such as Santa Rosa and San Jose, also suffered severe damage. The city burned for three days and over 80% of San Francisco was destroyed. [citation needed], For example, real estate investors and other land owners were against the idea due to the large amount of land the city would have to purchase to realize such proposals. Sources. I believe these people would more than half like the situation. [54] The Chinese occupants had other ideas and prevailed instead. Death Destruction Have Been the Fate of San Francisco “Call=Chronicle=Examiner” April 19, 1906, Front Page Headline “Hundreds Dead!” – Daily News April 18, 1906 Front Page Mayor Schmitz Confers with Military and Citizens “The Dire Calamity and Greater San Francisco” Heartbreaking Scenes at Mechanics’ Pavilion Refugees Go to Oakland Seasonal Seismicity of Northern California Before the Great 1906 Earthquake, Tsunami Record from the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, "A Unified Source Model for the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake",, "California Geological Survey – Seismic Hazards Zonation Program – Seismic Hazards Mapping regulations", "Aftershocks and Triggered Events of the Great 1906 California Earthquake", "Over 500 Dead; $200,000,000 lost in San Francisco Earthquake / All San Francisco May Burn", Casualties and Damage after the 1906 earthquake, "The Carmel Monterey Peninsula Art Colony: A History", "A Dreadful Catastrophe Visits Santa Rosa", The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, "Over 500 Dead, $200,000,000 Lost in San Francisco Earthquake", Stephen Sobriner, What really happened in San Francisco in the earthquake of 1906. Moreover, about 250,000 were left homeless; survivors camped in Golden Gate Park and dunes west of the city or fled to outlying towns. Fatality and monetary damage estimates were manipulated. (en) Le Grand tremblement de terre de 1906 (en) Un témoignage. [34][35] The entire laboratory and all the records of Benjamin R. Jacobs, a biochemist who was researching the nutrition of everyday foods, were destroyed. Though the quake lasted less than a minute, its immediate impact was disastrous. Alice Eastwood, the curator of botany at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, is credited with saving nearly 1,500 specimens, including the entire type specimen collection for a newly discovered and extremely rare species, before the remainder of the largest botanical collection in the western United States was destroyed in the fire. The most recent analyses support an offshore location for the epicenter, although significant uncertainty remains. [66] Lloyd's of London reports having paid all claims in full, thanks to the leadership of Cuthbert Heath, more than $50 million[68] and the insurance companies in Hartford, Connecticut report also paying every claim in full, with the Hartford Fire Insurance Company paying over $11 million and Aetna Insurance Company almost $3 million. San Francisco (1906), Séisme et incendie de; San Francisco Earthquake (California : 1906) San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (California : 1906) Earlier Established Forms. On the morning of April 18, 1906, a massive earthquake shook San Francisco, California. Devastating fires soon broke out in the city and lasted for several days. As the ground convulses, buildings disintegrate and fires are ignited. The building was completed in 1861; it was one of the very old hotels. Un ensemble de plusieurs ponts, dont le célèbr… The total number of deaths is still uncertain, but various reports presented a range of 700–3,000+. All residents were eligible for daily meals served from a number of communal soup kitchens and citizens as far away as Idaho and Utah were known to send daily loaves of bread to San Francisco as relief supplies were coordinated by the railroads. You may have experienced the common cold, but do you know what illness caused 20 million deaths in 1918? Le séisme de 1906 à San Francisco désigne le séisme qui toucha principalement San Francisco au matin du mercredi 18 avril 1906.Il a été estimé à une magnitude d'environ 7 [réf. [53] City fathers likewise attempted at the time to eliminate the Chinese population and export Chinatown (and other poor populations) to the edge of the county where the Chinese could still contribute to the local taxbase. Nancy Stoner Sage (February 19, 1905 – April 15, 2010) died, aged 105, in Colorado just three days short of the 104th anniversary of the earthquake on April 18, 2010. [70], A 2020 study found that cities that were more severely affected by the earthquake "experienced lower population increases relative to less affected cities until the late 20th century. Accumulated strain on the faults in the system was relieved during the earthquake, which is the supposed cause of the damage along the 450 kilometres (280 mi) long segment of the San Andreas plate boundary. The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program issued a series of Internet documents,[76] and the tourism industry promoted the 100th anniversary as well. 1906 Earthquake: How long was the 1906 Crack? High-intensity shaking was felt from Eureka on the North Coast to the Salinas Valley, an agricultural region to the south of the San Francisco Bay Area. The most important characteristic of the shaking intensity noted in Andrew Lawson's (1908) report was the clear correlation of intensity with underlying geologic conditions. Between 227,000 and 300,000 people were left homeless out of a population of about 410,000; half of those who evacuated fled across the bay to Oakland and Berkeley. Aprenda más sobre la historia y ciencia con Studies Weekly! The … 4 April '26 April 18, 1906 - San Francisco, Historic View, 1906 Fire, San Francisco, San Francisco HABS CAL,38-SANFRA,105-2.tif 5,000 × 3,611; 17.22 MB The available seismological data support a significantly shorter rupture length, but these observations can be reconciled by allowing propagation at speeds above the S-wave velocity (supershear). In the early morning hours of April 18, 1906, the earth shuddered beneath San Francisco. [10], A strong foreshock preceded the main shock by about 20 to 25 seconds. Leaking gas was the catalyst for fires that quickly spread throughout the city and the lack of water made fire fighting a challenge. Petit village en 1848, San Francisco est déjà une cité de 50 000 habitants deux ans plus tard. Seismographs on the U.S. east coast recorded the earthquake some 19 minutes later; some early death estimates exceeded 500. L'Incendie de San Francisco est un film réalisé par G.W. [citation needed], Although the impact of the earthquake on San Francisco was the most famous, the earthquake also inflicted considerable damage on several other cities. Award presentations, religious services, a National Geographic TV movie,[74] a projection of fire onto the Coit Tower,[75] memorials, and lectures were part of the commemorations. Also, aside from merely expanding nonresidential uses in many neighborhoods, the fire created economic opportunities in new areas, resulting in clusters of business activity that emerged only in the wake of the disaster. Over a period of 60 years, the city had become the financial, trade, and cultural center of the West; operated the busiest port on the West Coast; and was the "gateway to the Pacific", through which growing U.S. economic and military power was projected into the Pacific and Asia. Au cours des cent dernières années, les tremblements de … [69] The insurance payments heavily affected the international financial system. Apres le tremblement de terre de San Francisco est un film réalisé par Otis M. Gove. Caruso died in 1921, having remained true to his word. The camps were then re-used as garages, storage spaces or shops. Until 1906, the school faculty had provided care at the City-County Hospital (now the San Francisco General Hospital), but did not have a hospital of its own. Thus the state decided that insurers would have to pay again if another earthquake was followed by fires. Some were started when San Francisco Fire Department firefighters, untrained in the use of dynamite, attempted to demolish buildings to create firebreaks. Le séisme de 1906 à San Francisco désigne le séisme qui toucha principalement San Francisco au matin du mercredi 18 avril 1906. Liens externes. [85] 107-year-old George Quilici (April 26, 1905 – May 31, 2012) died in May 2012,[86] and 113-year-old Ruth Newman (September 23, 1901 – July 29, 2015) in July 2015. [7], The 1906 earthquake preceded the development of the Richter magnitude scale by three decades. found: GeoRef Thes. The immense power of the earthquake had destroyed almost all of the mansions on Nob Hill except for the James C. Flood Mansion. It was constructed in 1875 primarily financed by Bank of California co-founder William Ralston, the "man who built San Francisco". It was felt from Los Angeles to Oregon and Nevada.The earthquake was about a 7.8 on the Richter scale.Around 3,000 people were killed and between 227,000 and 300,000 people were left homeless. À 5 h 12 le 18 avril 1906, un tremblement de terre d'une magnitude estimée à 7,8 a frappé San Francisco, d'une durée d'environ 45 à 60 secondes. Over 80% of the city was destroyed by the earthquake and fire. San Francisco earthquake of 1906, a major earthquake and fire that destroyed some 28,000 buildings and killed more than 3,000 people. [38] The devastating quake levelled about 80% of the city. We want information on everyone who was here at … The Earthquake Strikes San Francisco . [15] The shaking intensity as described on the Modified Mercalli intensity scale reached XI (Extreme) in San Francisco and areas to the north like Santa Rosa where destruction was devastating. Historic American Buildings Survey Fireman's Fund Record Vol XLVI, No. At 5:12 a.m. on April 18, 1906, San Franciscans woke up to a quick shake. From earthquakes to pandemics, test your knowledge of historical disasters in this quiz. Fière de ses 20 théâtres et de son Opéra, elle l'est plus encore de son quartier d'affaires, où banques et maisons de commerce prospèrent à l'ombre du … Chilling post-earthquake footage, shot in the Western Addition and on Market Street in San Francisco. Capt. Buildings fell, the city’s downtown crumbled and broken gas lines burst into flame. [Nash, Jay R. Darkest Hours, p. 492] The interim fire chief sent an urgent request to the Presidio, a United States Army post on the edge of the stricken city, for dynamite. [62] These relief efforts were not enough to get families on their feet again, and consequently the burden was placed on wealthier members of the city, who were reluctant to assist in the rebuilding of homes they were not responsible for. [41], Early on April 18, 1906, recently retired Captain Edward Ord of the 22nd Infantry Regiment was appointed a Special Police Officer by Mayor Eugene Schmitz and liaised with Major General Adolphus Greely for relief work with the 22nd Infantry and other military units involved in the emergency. Much of the city was rebuilt to be earthquake- and fire-resistant. [40] In addition, accusations of soldiers themselves engaging in looting also surfaced. More than 3,000 people died. [71], The 1906 Centennial Alliance[73] was set up as a clearing-house for various centennial events commemorating the earthquake. [58] The last official refugee camp was closed on June 30, 1908. Corrections? San Francisco, Californie, 5 h 12 heures le matin du 18 avril 1906. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on April 18 with an estimated "moment magnitude" of 7.8 and a maximum "Mercalli intensity" of "XI" ("Extreme"). [67] Twenty companies went bankrupt, and most excluded shake damage claims. [27] It has been estimated that up to 90% of the total destruction was the result of the subsequent fires. Shortly after the Great San Francisco earthquake of April 18, 1906, a sea level disturbance (tsunami) was recorded at the Presidio tide gauge station in San Francisco (the station is now located nearby at Ft. Point). Eleven days after the earthquake a rare Sunday baseball game was played in New York City (which would not allow regular Sunday baseball until 1919) between the Highlanders (soon to be the Yankees) and the Philadelphia Athletics to raise money for quake victims. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. In reconstruction, developers built relatively fewer of these buildings, and the majority of the reduction came through single-family houses. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Finally, in April 1907, one of the buildings was renovated for outpatient care with 75 beds. In Monterey County, the earthquake permanently shifted the course of the Salinas River near its mouth. This created the need to train nursing students, and, in 1907, the UC Training School for Nurses was established, adding a fourth professional school to the Affiliated Colleges. [37], The fire following the earthquake in San Francisco cost an estimated $350 million at the time (equivalent to $7.67 billion in 2019). [13], Recently, using old photographs and eyewitness accounts, researchers were able to estimate the location of the hypocenter of the earthquake as offshore from San Francisco or near the city of San Juan Bautista, confirming previous estimates.[14]. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, USGS Earthquake Hazards Program - The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, San Francisco earthquake of 1906 - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). ", Location of the Focal Region and Hypocenter of the California Earthquake of April 18, 1906, "Surface Displacements in the 1906 San Francisco and 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquakes", 10.1130/0091-7613(1999)027<0015:aottgb>;2. [12], Analysis of triangulation data before and after the earthquake strongly suggests that the rupture along the San Andreas Fault was about 500 kilometres (310 mi) in length, in agreement with observed intensity data. Where’s the San Andreas Fault? Bitzer. [83] Cliver (October 9, 1902 – February 18, 2012)[84] died in February 2012, aged 109. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fires killed an estimated 3,000 people and left over half of the city's population homeless. The only aftershock in the first few days of near M 5 or greater occurred near Santa Cruz at 14:28 PST on April 18, with a magnitude of about 4.9 MI. Nearly half a million people lived in San Francisco, California on Wednesday, April 18, 1906. The resulting quake ranked a 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale, it was a quake so massive that it was recorded as far away as Cape Town, South Africa more than 10,000 miles away. Elle est à quelques centaines de kilomètres des montagnes de la Sierra Nevada, littéralement au bout d'une péninsule qui ferme une baie : la baie de San Francisco. San Francisco City Hall after the 1906 Earthquake. The San Andreas Fault slipped along a segment about 270 miles (430 km) long, extending from San Juan Bautista in San Benito county to Humboldt county and from there perhaps out under the sea to an unknown distance. [65][66] At least 137 insurance companies were directly involved and another 17 as reinsurers. For the 1989 earthquake, see, "San Francisco fire" redirects here. Early death counts ranged from 375[18] to over 500. C'est à l'or que San Francisco doit sa fortune. Although insurance payments in the neighbourhood of $300 million were forthcoming, the long task of reconstruction was sustained by local courage and persistence. When San Francisco burst into flames in the days following the disastrous 1906 earthquake, much of the city’s network of fire hydrants failed. The shaking was felt from Los Angeles in the south to Coos Bay, Oregon, in the north. Shows the aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake of April 18, 1906, and the devastation resulting from the subsequent three-day fire. The strong shaking of the main shock lasted about 42 seconds. New plans for civic development made headway as the debris of the old city vanished. "[51], The earthquake was crucial in the development of the University of California, San Francisco and its medical facilities. [30] In total, the fires burned for four days and nights. And by April 1908, San Francisco had already been rebuilt. Historic American Buildings Survey Fireman's Fund Record Vol XLVI, No. Others that hadn't been destroyed were dynamited by the Army forces aiding the firefighting efforts in attempts to create firebreaks. The houses were designed by John McLaren, and were grouped in eleven camps, packed close to each other and rented to people for two dollars per month until rebuilding was completed. Il a été estimé à une magnitude d'environ 8,2 et son épicentre se situait à 12 km à l'ouest de San Francisco sur le système de faille se trouvant au large des côtes. Les secousses furent ressenties de l'Oregon à … [61] London raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. For the 1851 fire, see, Ruins in the vicinity of Post and Grant Avenue. (from Steinbrugge Collection of the UC Berkeley Earthquake Engineering Research Center ) The California earthquake of April 18, 1906 ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. General Frederick Funston had already decided that the situation required the use of federal troops. Rebuilding funds were immediately tied up by the fact that virtually all the major banks had been sites of the conflagration, requiring a lengthy wait of seven-to-ten days before their fire-proof vaults could cool sufficiently to be safely opened. Click on the 1906 Earthquake Great Register to find out how to submit your information. In 1915 San Francisco invited the world to see the results of its efforts at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. San Francisco Earthquake, Calif., 1906. In 2005, the city's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in support of a resolution written by novelist James Dalessandro ("1906") and city historian Gladys Hansen ("Denial of Disaster") to recognize the figure of 3,000 plus as the official total. 100th Anniversary 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Conference, 2006, "The Great 1906 Earthquake & Fires of San Francisco", NY Times Obituary for Heinrich Conrad, April 27, 1909, The Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, The Bear Flag, The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco, "Mayor Eugene Schmitz's Famed "Shoot-to-Kill" Order", "Looting Claims Against the U.S. Army Following the 1906 Earthquake", Baseball in the Garden of Eden: The Secret History of the Early Game, "The Myth of the Panicking Disaster Victim", "1868–1898 – Introduction – A History of UCSF", "Relocation of Chinatown Following the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake", Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906: Its Effects on Chinatown, The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, "Dealing with Disaster: The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906", The role of Lloyd's in the reconstruction, "How the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Shaped Economic Activity in the American West", "1906 earthquake survivor Irma Mae Weule dies", "Libera Era Armstrong (1902–2007) – Hayward, California", "SF remembers great quake on 103rd anniversary", "Rose Cliver Obituary: View Rose Cliver's Obituary by San Francisco Chronicle". Geologic field studies of this earthquake led to the detailed formation of the theory that elastic rebound of strained faults causes the shaking associated with earthquakes.

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