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This Disney Quiz Will Reveal Which Popular "The 100" Character You Are. As punishment, Lexa sentenced him to death by a thousand cuts and executed him. Quiz The 100 : Quiz sur ma série coup de coeur 'The 100' actuellement en diffusion aux Etats-Unis. After 3 generations, the Ark had to crash-land on Earth because it sustained catastrophic damage during Diana Sydney's rebellion and could no longer support human life. Unless you're under the age of eighteen, of course, then you are sentenced to live in the Skybox, a secluded group of holding cells on the Ark for minor aged criminals. 3: have you found the secret game. Because of the one-child law on the Ark, Bellamy couldn't ask anyone to help his mother as she gave birth to a baby girl. » conçu et réalisé par l’Onisep Nord-Pas de Calais, ce quiz vous permet de découvrir dans le site 100 métiers en Languedoc-Roussillon des métiers et des secteurs proches de vos intérêts. Quiz : Les ch'tis . When Dante's Mountain Men attempt to rescue Clarke and her friends from Earth and bring them into Mount Weather, she isn't happy about it. Only the most dedicated fans will be able to ace this quiz. In order to maintain a sense of order in space, Ark Station developed a strict set of rules, policies, and procedures. yes. Clarke's father is responsible for discovering the flaw in the oxygen system on the Ark. Trying to escape the planet and enter the City of Light. We want to dream with you about all your future holds. Copyright © 2020 InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. What gift does Clarke's father give her? Many Ice Nation Grounders were upset with King Roan for his decision to honor the alliance with the Sky People instead of killing Wanheda and taking her power, so an ambassador thought he would solve the problem by challenging an injured King Roan to a fight. 6 Minute Quiz - Q1: Que ferais-tu pour les gens que tu aimes ? After removing the Flame from Lexa, he passed the Flamekeeper responsibilities on to Clarke. Treaties are formed, bonds are broken, and difficult decisions are made all in the name of survival. Octavia solved this problem by assassinating the ambassador. From the moment she was born, in order to protect their family and avoid punishment from the Ark's Chancellor, they had to hide Octavia from everyone in order to live a normal life. Grounders have spent their time on Earth developing many different skills to survive. They have also developed a special language, allowing them to speak privately in front of anyone who does not understand their native tongue. 1. Monty's father was killed by an Azgeda Grounder. He would have killed more if Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia hadn't arrived on the scene. Pike, a proud "Grounder-killer," executed Lincoln, who Octavia was in love with. They do have a creative solution, however, as a previous effort to preserve the history of what life was like on Earth before the nuclear war, the people of Mount Weather saved thousands of famous paintings, displayed throughout the facilities and stores in a huge warehouse. Quiz Quel personnage de 'The 100' es-tu ? This rule was easy to abide by when Bellamy was born, but when his mother gave birth to Octavia, they were suddenly committing a criminal offence. Cuanto conoces sobre The 100 (hundred) - ¿Quien es la escritora de la novela? While Clarke is living in exile for her own safety, there aren't many people she can trust. Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW. The City of Light is part of the artificial intelligence program, A.L.I.E. A Commander is always mentoring a future leader in case of an untimely demise. We want you to laugh at past memories that helped shape the person you’ve become. How does Niylah get by? In season 4, Bellamy decided to blow up the remnants of Farm Station in order to save prisoners being held by Ice Nation Grounders. Lincoln was so interested in one of them that he would draw them in his sketch book until he finally captured them. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Partly in an effort to conserve oxygen and partly to discover if Earth is at all inhabitable. In the season 3 premiere, it's revealed that there are additional Ark survivors from Farm Station, which crash-landed in Azgeda. Clarke, in an effort to help her father, assaults a guard and is also arrested. The Ark is not always a no-nonsense, all business kind of place to live. If it's not easy being twelve years old in confinement on a ship floating through space, then it must feel impossible being twelve years old being sent to explore a possibly deadly radioactive Earth. Méga-quiz de culture générale en 100 questions : jusqu’où irez-vous ? Scientists out of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health have found that some samples of seaweed are able to kill the super-bug MRSA. This comes with seriously good intentions as any contact with the outside causes them to react severely to the radioactivity that still lingers on Earth. Grounders like Lexa are fairly used to the terrifying animals roaming what is left of the planet, but this one catches Clarke totally off guard and leaves both of them running for their lives, only to run straight into the feeding pit. free robux quiz. Grounders have developed many sacred rituals on Earth. Thelonious promised A.L.I.E. Because the 100 are sent on a mission, it is imperative that the people of the Ark keep track of them, especially if they want to find out if Earth is habitable for humans. In season 3, the nightblood Ontari slaughtered all of her nightblood peers in their sleep so that she would become the Commander. In an effort to warn the people, he broadcasts a live message across the ship, ultimately leading to both his arrest and untimely demise. Also if you're Angel or Updog, you're already on my friend list! Quiz des Anges . Play The 100 quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. So long as Roan is king, Clarke and the 100 could work to solve the impending radiation crisis. It contains the memories of all previous Commanders and can only be safely implanted in Grounders with nightblood. The former Chancellor Diana Sydney led a rebellion and stole the Exodus drop ship, which left the Ark crippled. Nuclear power plants that were designed to be self-sustaining for 100 years would begin to break down, threatening life on earth. Our goal at Zoo.com is to keep you entertained in this crazy life we all live. Most have them have become very successful hunter-gatherers, leaders, fighters, and more. 5 Min, 7 Minute Quiz One of the most aggravating games ever created! After over two hundred years in space, the 100 are sent to Earth. You would think the members of Mount Weather, such as Maya, would go crazy living in a bunker that did not have any windows. Gustus tried to frame Raven for the poisoning, which would have brought an end to the alliance between the Sky People and the Grounders, but Clarke exposed his set-up. Jasper, one of the 100, seems to be a pretty average guy. For Charlotte, these aren't the only hardships she faces. Where did Octavia spend most of her life hiding? Question 100of The Impossible Quiz is the last one of the main questions, and a reference to the very first question of the game. The Impossible Quiz...It's not impossible! He was later killed by Ice Nation Grounders. Publié le 3 mai 2019 Quiz de culture générale. After taking a chip, people's memories are uploaded to the system, which stores their being even after their physical death. Connaissez vous tous les secrets de l'émission sur les aventuriers ? They discovered that filtering Grounders' blood through their systems could help them heal from radiation exposure. The late Ice Nation Queen Nia kidnapped, tortured, murdered, and cut off the head of Lexa's former lover, Costia. Finn was definitely one for romantic gestures, even finding art supplies for Clarke to enjoy in a hidden underground bunker. In the episode "Human Trials," Finn shot and killed 18 unarmed Grounders, including men, women, elders and children. Between the love triangles, secret affairs, and tragic demise – this series isn’t leaving any romantic stone unturned, and for one of the main characters, Clarke Griffin, she doesn’t have a problem finding love until the love becomes the problem. When The 100 first landed on the ground what was the first animal they saw? How does one enter the City of Light? Nice enough, makes friends, and does his best to aid in the group's survival on Earth. And what could be the problem, you ask? While the seaweed Clarke used is from a future place warped by radiation, modern day seaweed also carries antimicrobial properties. Play on to find out! Partly in an effort to conserve oxygen and partly to discover if Earth is at all inhabitable. Who was Lincoln drawing in his sketch book? Luckily for the 100, living in space meant living in a space susceptible to high levels of radioactivity, which means whatever radioactivity levels are still on Earth leave them unaffected. About This Quiz "The 100" is an action-packed, apocalyptic TV series, known for its devastating plot twists and controversial characters. Answer: Xylography. Keeping track of teenagers is never an easy task, keeping track of criminal teenagers who have been sent to a post-apocalyptic planet is practically impossible. The extreme quiz about the 100 For the true fans of The 100 - 10 Questions - by: Katariina - Developed on: 2015-01-14 - 72,170 takers ", with the question number flashing in different colours. Chancellor Jaha, Wells' father, was the one who sentenced her parents to death, and she often faces nightmares on Earth being so close to Wells she ends up killing him, but it wasn't necessarily her idea. Ice Nation is also known as Azgeda. Can You Match 100% Of These Secondary Characters To Their 90s TV Show? They were at constant war with iIe Nation Grounders, and each Farm Station survivor was a "Grounder-killer," a fact of which they were proud. He creates detailed maps for survival, sketches his surroundings and landmarks, and keeps notes to remember certain poisons, remedies, and antidotes. Share on Facebook. This should have prevented her from becoming a spacewalking zero-g mechanic, but they made an exception. Weather, she is the Commander of Death. She spends most of her life running from this responsibility as being a Commander is a title she does not want to own. Luckily for the 100, living in space meant living in a space susceptible to high levels of radioactivity, which means whatever radioactivity levels are still on Earth leave them unaffected. "Yu gonplei ste odon" translates to "your fight is over," and "ai hod yu in" translates to "I love you.". What could be possibly be crazier than trying to survive on a post-apocalyptic planet Earth? Exposure to radiation resulted in severe, often fatal burns and poisoning for the Mountain Men. What is Maya's favourite painting? In retaliation for this, Lexa killed Queen Nia. 6 Min, 5 Minute Quiz nope. It is where the two first had sex, and where Clarke later took Raven to find supplies for making a radio needed to communicate with the Ark. Faute de pouvoir effrayer vos voisins lors de la chasse aux bonbons, la rédaction vous propose de vous faire peur grâce à un quiz 100% films d'horreur, spécial Halloween. It was created by the neuroscientist Becca in an attempt to make up for the damage caused by the original A.L.I.E. It was later revealed that Wells had not been the one to tell the Chancellor about Jake's plans, but that Abby, Clarke's mother and Jake's wife, had told Jaha. She is responsible for fixing any mechanical problems and even secretly helps Abby build a drop ship to return to Earth. 100 Easy Pub Quiz Questions and Answers by Challenge the Brain. Voici 100 questions de culture générale.

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