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The performance is not great unfortunately otherwise it could be the best fragrance ever made. Bought this blind recently, and absolute love it. My now-husband used to wear this all throughout college and afterwards (8 years and still wearing) so I have had a long time to slowly fall in love with this fragrance. This is one of my wife's favorites as well. I love the smell of black tea but the opening note of cinnamon, cinnamon some more, even more cinnamon, with an extra dash of cinnamon made me wonder if I tried a cinnamon-exclusive version. Makes me want to put on a suit and tie. so unique and amazing scent. It is a beautiful fragrance and the bottle will double as a paperweight when empty. It smells a lot of green tea and a little sweet cinnamon. Beautiful. It is soft, but that is part of the overall charm of such a fragrance. still one of my favorite fragrance. The top and the heart of this essence deliver a smooth, crisp freshness with a touch of cypress and calone. Order today! Beautiful tobacco/cinnamon fragrance thats nearly fresh enough to wear during the summer. The black tea brings this fragrance to a lovely skin scent and it performs well in most weather situations. Découvrez les articles Chaussures Gucci Homme en occasion au meilleur prix sur Videdressing. Prix. Doesn't project much, but if you're looking for an inoffensive but intriguing daily scent for a close-quarters job, this could be the perfect choice. Pour la légendaire Maison Gucci, tout a commencé par de la maroquinerie haut-de-gamme d'inspiration équestre. C'est alors une maison spécialiste d'une maroquinerie s'adressant essentiellement aux cavaliers et alliant raffinement et tradition artisanale de qualité. I bought it while it was still in production and I use it sparingly because I like it so much (see my prior review). Seems it has actually been discontinued this time. This fragrance is very well blended. It smells of quality and is cozy.I am a sucker for cardamom and love the bottle too. Prix ... Gucci Homme 630530zaea32025 Beige Laine Trench Coat - Gucci / Veste Homme. Imo its a bit too spicy for hot weather wear but perfect for spring, fall or inside a nicely air conditioned office. It's so smooth, and the tea/tobacco combination is done so well here. I can smell this on me and my husband all day when either of us wear it (I steal from his bottle :D) so it's a good performer for a fresh scent without ever becoming overbearing. the dry down is a perfect blend of tea and fragrant flowers that doesn't come across as overtly feminine or masculine but rather complimentary to whoever is wearing it. If this had some staying power man. I believe this one is discontinued so get this from on-line fragrance resellers while you can. I think is my second review, my first one was I think almost 3-4 years old. Its maybe more mature smelling than my other scents, something i wouldn't have appreciated in my early twenties maybe. Each time I moved I caught a whiff of myself that brought a smile to my face. To me this is a masterpiece. A favorite tea based fragrance (after Bvlgari Au The Vert Extreme). Even $40 may be too much to pay for the current formulation. Truly one of the most comforting scents of all time. The first time I smelled this fragrance was 10 years ago, and after a long time I bought a bottle, what I can say is that it is a beautiful fragrance! 8144414. The longevity was a bit of a problem, you may have to reapply during the middle of the day. very relaxing. Scent is beautiful but fleeting. HiM is better suited for colder weather. Read reviews and choose from 450+ designer colognes, fragrances and perfumes. 3 oz. je vends ma ceinture gucci homme neuve jamais portée, dans sa boite.. ceinture gucci hommed’occasion avec ses accessoires est à vendre pour un prix de 250,0 . Smells like Spicebomb but weaker. The latter statement proved to be quite true, as I barely detect it after even one hour after application. I agree with others in that it is very comforting. Whith this one, my secret friend in my stolen hearts stories...Such a beautiful,strong and bild,scent! I love it! Masculine, refined, layered. gucci homme. The longevity is a little lacking also. If James Bond wears cologne... this is it. A truly beautiful scent that IMO could easily cross over into unisex territory. There are no off notes here. kalau saya sih ini parfum cocoknya buat malam hari. Unlike others on here i get decent longevity, not huge projection but it last a good few hours. Smells damn good black tea with cinnamon. Heck, last month people was paying $30 for a roll of toilet paper to wipe their arse. Nice Frag but atleast on my skin it never lasts more then an hour . The silage and projection were moderate, you can only really smell it while you're standing next to the person who's wearing it. Giving this. The thing I love the most about Gucci Pour Homme II is that it is a fresh scent for men that doesn't have that sharp "masculine cologne" smell. Wear throughout the year as the mix of violet leaf, bergamot, chili pepper, pimento, cinnamon, black tea, olive tree wood, tobacco leaves, musk and myrtle makes this cologne an excellent choice for any occasion. There is nothing intense or loud about this fragrance. Tucked away in the dresser drawer. Gucci Pour Homme li is much more of a casual cologne than some of the company’s other scents. I regret not buying a bottle when they were still available. Happy to have this in my collection . It's truly one of a kind with the pimento fumes inviting you in as soon as you open the bottle. Not sure when to wear it, not in cold weather, but its not right for summers either. It's interesting. As soon as put my nose on the smell of this one I knew there was something familiar... Eau des Baux (L'Occitane)! It radiates a warmth that sort of envelops the wearer. all I can smell is black tea with a touch of cinnamon, it's great, hanae mori's Him is 90% similar, it has the same black tea but more cinnamon or clove ,IMO the Gucci is more refined, more subtle in its use of spice . In-store pickup and alterations services available. 5 with Not a masterpiece. This fragrance immediately jumped up to my top 5 list for its inoffensive smell and versatility. I am curious about using the shower gel and deodorant with this fragrance to see what may boost the projection (highly doubtable). I recently tried this for the first time and was a bit surprised. That being said, this fragrance totally falls off the charts when it comes to projection and sillage that it actually nullifies any perfect score I would want to give it based on the scent alone. With its warm, intense scent, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme speaks to the powerful, sensual man who embodies the brand's rich legacy. Mykonos, 2010 anyone? It is so beautiful, dry, herbal tea, woody. La Maison italienne Gucci marie avec brio références historiques et opulence glam-rock. This got reformulated for sure. Nice smell for 5 min then fade away air .....nothing.....don't waste your money. Subtle enough to be worn in close quarters (car, class, office, plane). Not nearly as loud and much more natural and well blended. Unfortunately, it sits extremely close to my skin and pretty much disappears after 3-hours, which is surprising since most fragrances (non citrus) last and project extremely well on my skin. EDIT: I wrote the below review on Feb 1st 2018 and went back to purchase a 50ml bottle for myself today, April 4, 2018. This is so good. This will alwas be in my collection as long as they still make it. This is the low key type of fragrance that draws people in where they can enjoy it right along with you. A calming cinnamon tobacco tea in the best way possible. Bottle away. Apparently this fragrance is not discontinued in my part of the world. Charming little spicy tea fragrance I picked up while I was buying some other frags, never thought I'd get to sniff this discontinued gem. Honestly, part of the reason I fell for him is because he always smelled so damn good! For me, perfume is a sensory, luxury experience and so the bottle does matter because it is part of the whole experience (which I'm paying for handsomely!). It's a freshy and spicy perfume, but also smooth and elegant. Ironically enough I was not overwhelmed when I first tried it, but in couple of wearings I fell in love with it. Lasts a good 6 hours and projects for the first 2 hours not strongly but definitely will not go unnoticed. All Gucci's suck now. I'll keep trying it, mostly at night, in the house. It's blended so flawlessly with tea, cinnamon and ginger as the stand out notes. Less is definitely more with this one. My boyfriend bought this when it first got released and i thought it was the most amazing sexy scent i ever smelled on him. What Gucci should do is create an EDP or Intense version where the projection is magnified to at least an arm's length(or slightly less) and the longevity is increased to 8 - 12 hours (or more). I gotta have it! It's a relaxing scent, and the most relaxing scent I own. GPH2 is artwork. It will remain in my collection and fill in that spot where I do not care what to wear that day and yet want to remain anonymous by scent. I remember when i first bought this ( blind buy ) i was not a fan but now i wish i had another bottle of this lol.The black tea has grown on me.The dry down isn't that much different than the opening for me. I will easily pay 2x retail for this fragrance, no I wont pay the crazy $300 for 100ml but I will drop $100 or so on a 50ml just to keep my stash up. It is one of my top fragrances that I would keep forever. I find it very calming and its one i will probably wear a lot around the house on my own and days out. I just got my 3rd bottle of GPH2, and unlike the previous two, everything about the scent was different - more like a cheap designer aquatic and not the spiced black tea dominated joy of the real McCoy. I get standard projection and longevity for EDT formulation. Unfortunately the sillage and longevity as same as the other Gucci fragrances… The opening is a very very solid violet leaf, which fades away few minutes later. I am almost finished with my bottle & am looking for more! I think it's a keeper but not for sure when I'll wear it outside of in the house while relaxing in the evening. I don’t get it, why would you decide to discontinue the only fragrance that is actually selling and smells the best from your current mens collection without releasing a replacement for it? "Discontini-oud". It has a cooling down effect you can wear it for any occasion. It is a timeless understated fragrance. Ceinture noir et doré Gucci Homme Très bon état. Even if that’s exactly who you are. It has weak performance on skin, but it sticks on clothes. I love the tea and spices in this. Why did the killed something that was once so beautiful? When I first smelled it, it was just this amazing musky, cinnamon violet fragrance. It can warm and it can cool depending on season. But then maybe a month after I owned my own bottle (instead of a tester 3ml) I stopped liking it, it gave me a headache and made me feel nauseous. Il faut espérer que GUCCI, marque d’avant-garde, saura pour une fois regarder en arrière et s’inspirer des géniales intuitions qui étaient les siennes il n’y a guère que 20 ans (époque du génialissime ENVY également). I totally love this scent! I’m sorry to all the Gucci fans, but this is just frustrating for me. I like this cologne! Don't buy it if you actually want a fragrance that other people can experience. This fragrance is an amazing tea fragrance which I am too late to discover! Something about that yummy soothing blue juice makes me so happy. I mean you could spray 20x with this because the scent is not cloying or annoying in any way, but that doesn't really solve the projection/sillage issues because although for the first hour or so you may get noticed, it quickly fades to nothingness and you are left disappointed and wanting more... and suppose you are going to work or some other function and it takes you approximately an hour to get there, you would pretty much have to reapply more for anyone to notice that you are wearing this marvelous scent. Absolute travesty, one of the best scents I've ever smelled but it is nothing more than scented water. Of similar scents I value Him by Hanae Mori higher, but to the office I would wear GPH II. Sur la base de notre intérêt légitime nous le traitons également afin de poursuivre des fins statistiques et d’amélioration de votre expérience utilisateur. The spicy nature of it from the cinnamon contrasts well with the tea to make a calming, comforting scent when it dries down; comforting/calming moreso than it is seductive although the fresh/spicy nature of it will still be alluring. Sillage is great and it trails super nicely. Love. It doesn't necessarily make me feel masculine, and that is part of the reason I only wear it to put me to sleep. I've had GPHII for the past four years and I really love this scent. :) I feel like the whole island smelled like this back then and I didn't really enjoy it, but now I love it! I have been testing/wearing/collecting fragrances for 25+ years and this has to be in my ''all time top 5'' (designer or niche, does't matter), its that good! Ceinture Gucci Homme. Shame. ... GUCCI-'Guilty' Pour Homme Cologne Eau de Toilette. I can't help thinking that GPH II was simply ahead of its time, considering the state of perfumery back in 2007. Shipping is always free and returns are accepted at any location. It's gentle and youthful, but not juvenile. Don't last a ton, however the melding of tobacco, cinnamon, and a combo of other complimenting notes is lovely. I keep raising the back of my hand to my nose to smell this fragrance over and over again. Continuer I've found in my life around 10-15 fragrances that I want to always have, and this is one of them. The $200+ prices on ebay is price gouging because this juice is so rare nowadays. This will sound strange but the drydown even has a hint of new money scent. It smells OK, its not a hate the smell thing, its just a bit meh. Ladies appreciats more than men from my experience. VERSATILE. 8/10. I'm glad I have it in my collection. Chaussure Puma Chaussure Basket Bottes Cuir Homme Homme Blanc Minimaliste Classique Noir Prendre Besoin. I also get a slight resemblence to Prada LR Carbon, but that might just be my imagination. It's like it wants to be a very warm scent but has some complexity to it that stops it from being a very warm scent. Both are excellent. Occasion. It's so amazing. The middle notes are a memorable blend of black tea and pimento which come together to create a warm, spicy "perfect for Autumn" chord. TY Gucci but i didn't like its performance. Four years after Gucci Pour Homme, Gucci launched Gucci Pour Homme II, created by Karine Dubreuil just like the first one. The trick to this is to spray your clothes. green, spicy woods and musk. I usually overspray just to get the compliments as well.check me out on utube, Forever Neil. Aquatic and oriental/tea smell, kind of powdery. Best Designer Tea Fragrance to date ? GPH II is simply tranquility in a bottle. Authenticité garantie. I bought him another 3 bottles since then but it wasnt the same fragrance anymore. Continuer sur l’app Unisex, sweet spicy a little fresh. Versatile too in any weather, any occasion. It fulfills its role very well ... very cozy, if you like smells like Prada Amaber of fragrances that follows this line I say you will love this one! While Gucci PHII can probably be wore in year round. This is an absolutely fantastic fragrance - holistic masterpiece. Three days later, the scent was still present on the paper strip unchanged, but only fainter. Rose and chili pepper create an unexpected and invigorating retro vibe, while patchouli and cedarwood accentuate the fragrance's richness and sensuality. The drydown is, for lack of better word, pretty. Definitely a masculine fragrance that says mature but not old. The aroma at first came off to me as subtly pungent; yet it was distinctly unique, and stimulating, and extremely fascinating to me for these qualities. Love it! The tea and spices combine seamlessly to create something absolutely magical. The cinnamon would be the spice, and the tobacco and tea really give me a subtle vanillic note (not actually vanilla, I know). In the modern world of men's fragrances, where loud and imbalanced synthetics seem to rule the day, GPH II is analogous to olfactory comfort food. Softer than Hanae Mori's HiM and less sweet. For what it is now, if you spend over $40 USD for 100 ml then you are being robbed. If you like spicy but not too sweet fragrances, this is the god. I tried something different this go-round with 3 sprays to my shirt and 1 behind my neck around 8:00 a.m. and it's currently 4:30 and still going strong. If I had to describe this scent in one (non-fragrance) term, it'd be 'Tranquility'. I love this scent. Right now there are 29 items on or Buy it online 17 items on, Perfume rating Find GUCCI from the Beauty department at Debenhams. @ Lightening- That would be Tom Ford, yes a genius who's clearly not with Gucci anymore. The juice is masterfully blended and the notes work extremely well together to create a scent that is unique and fresh with beautiful violet leaf and black tea notes; and at the same time the pimento, cinnamon and musk balance keep it spicy and adds a slightly dark side to round out this magnificent scent. But there's a buyer for anything rare. I just had a sample and I was getting complimented far and wide. He still had some juice from his previous bottle and when i compare them i was so disappointed. Is the father of spicu bomb and granddad of bvlgary Extreme Think! But yeah, it's pretty unique, well balanced and elegant stuff -- exceedingly good for a designer product. This fragrance was meant to give a smooth and soft sillage... not project like a monster. If you havent got this in your collection GET IT. Livraison Standard Gratuite. I definitely prefer this. Trouvez gucci en vente parmi une grande sélection de Homme : chaussures sur eBay. The sillage is fantastic and it's long lasting. This scents reminds me of one what Moschino has, maybe of the Forever Sailing...powdery, dummy,cheap, not a masculine one, not my style.. An amazing smell, it is just AMAZING. This is one of my all time favorite designer fragrances. Nothing like it, very smooth and simple although it has some strong notes but very well blended. It always smells familiar, and somehow unique. Shoppez Les Nouveautés Vêtements et Accessoires. Not suitable for clubbing but very suitable for cuddling. I can't even enjoy it myself, for which I bought it in the first place. The nose behind this fragrance is Michel Almairac. Picked this up primarily because the thick glass bottle and juice color really appeals. Browse the latest collections, explore the campaigns and discover our online assortment of clothing and accessories. Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men.Gucci Pour Homme II was launched in 2007. Gucci Pour Homme II is a fresh aromatic with a very mellow aura to it. It is discontinued, get it while you can. I'm lucky enough to own a 3.4oz and I enjoy it tremendously this time of year (Mid-Spring). GUCCI POUR HOMME 2 est un chef d’oeuvre d’élégance subtile, non démonstrative et qui pourtant ne cesse de vous faire voyager. Gucci Pour Homme II is one of those scents you wear for personal enjoyment and may go unnoticed by anyone else around you. I usually dislike cinnamon in fragrances, but the black tea note really ties this whole thing together. We will see how it wears during the day, but so far, so wonderful. Opens with green notes gently and turns to a sweet lovely tobacco in half an hour.If you like both notes,I advise a try.It is a silent scent but confident.A few more sprays will not disturb anybody I think, it has a relaxing side.This is my opinion after testing from a 5ml sample. Trying a sample from Sephora, after 15 minutes, I love it! Nothing hits ALL the notes the same as GPH2, but this one comes about as close as I've smelled. Online right now: 2238, Fragrantica in your language: Continuer sur le site classique. Because this is fresh smelling, and almost unisex, you can wear this at any time, but in my opinion it really shines during the day. I want to give the impression that I have a simple yet refined taste. I need to grab a bottle quick. La maison Gucci naît à Florence en 1921, à l'initiative de Guccio Gucci. Lasts long on my skin. The bottle is remarkable. I bought a bottle when it was first released and although it didn't have great performance even then it was at least decent. Fantastic fragrance, and along with Terre d'Hermes, one of the best made designer fragrances on the market... Black Tea and Cinnamon with a little musk evident in the dry down. I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this but I just didn’t like this one. I bought this but gave it as a gift before I could wear it. At the moment next to Absolute the best fragrance for men from Gucci. Seems like Gucci har discontinued ph1 and ph2 while they seem to be their greatest most loved scents. It looks so exclusive on the shelf (however, it's not practical, very edgy and heavy in hand) One of those scents which you cant decide it suits better hot or cold weather? It is calming, bold and elegant but somewhat lazy, I do not see much of a spark in its eye. WOW, amazing scent. You could always carry a decant with you and reapply but then you would need to look at the cost effectiveness of purchasing this juice. You can still walk into almost any freestanding Sephora and purchase Gucci Pour Homme II. Bought a decant of this a while back, and I was waiting for the colder weather to come around for wearings. It is not too sweet and I like it this way. I just adore this! Gucci Pour Homme II is a true masterpiece...NOT!!!

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